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The InSite.Network offers Free and Paid resources/services to streamers and content creators of all types! Our parent company Maxen Media LLC a full-service multimedia, development, and marketing company that focuses on providing cutting-edge web/mobile applications, and a wide variety of affordable marketing solutions to clients all over the world! Over the years we have built up a great network of clients and providers that can provide tips, tricks, and tools, that we look forward to sharing them with you!;)




@ The InSite.Network our primary objective is to provide the best tips, tricks, and tools to help streamers succeed outside of their streaming platforms! We can help you create and manage your own private social streaming networking site that will help build connections that last forever! 

We develop and design professional live streams and social streaming sites! With decades of experience, we know how important it is to always be researching, trying new things, and working with our community and industry leaders to best serve our clients!

When it comes to developing and marketing we like to think outside of the box which has taken us to the research and development and the use of a lot of cutting-edge technologies. Some of the new tech you may have heard of such as The Internet Of Things [IOT], 3d Virtual Worlds, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchains for use in E-commerce, Marketing, and now the live streaming markets! Be sure to check back here often for more news and information! 

We do a lot of dabbling in the digital world and want to share our knowledge and resources with you! Below is just a small list of products or services we offer!

  • Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Support Services
  • E-commerce Support Services
  • Marketing Support Services
  • Emergency Stream Support Services
  • Streaming Support Services *NEW 
  • 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR!! FULL-TIME SUPPORT!! We are always online!;)





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